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ScanWorkX Features for Microsoft Dynamics AX


ScanWorkX works as you do
ScanWorkX is readily configurable to match your way of doing business. Tailor your own transaction set by purchasing only transactions applicable to your environment. Not only can you choose your transactions, ScanWorkX barcode transactions are fully customizable at the company, site, warehouse, or even user level.

ScanWorkX increases inventory accuracy

swx-outboundManual inventory systems are inherently inaccurate. Inventory movements written by hand or manually typed can have error rates approaching 10%. Multiply that by the number of times each item is handled and it is not surprising that many inventory systems are ignored, the warehouse manager's memory of what he has seen on the floor is often more accurate (and more current) than the computer system. ScanWorkX is fast, accurate and easy to use--just point and shoot. Your employees will see the difference ScanWorkX makes. It not only accurately records inventory movements, but also provides them with reliable information on the location and quantities of the inventory that they need. You will see the difference in the bottom line with lower inventory costs.

ScanWorkX supports traceability

swx-milkfactoryScanWorkX provides essential support for Dynamics AX lot and serial tracking capabilities. Lot traceability assumes an accurate identification of materials and an audit trail of material movements. Serialized parts require selecting the correct component to be added to the correct production or customer order. Bar code scanning ensures accurate identification, and ScanWorkX ensures that data reaches Dynamics.

Single source solution

We have been helping businesses gain a competitive edge with bar coding for more than a decade. Our continued success is testament to the principal upon which the company was founded: delivering quality solutions, providing full-system support, and making customer satisfaction the ultimate priority. Our comprehensive business solutions encompass superior software, great people, and expertise uniquely focused on meeting manufacturer's specific needs.

ScanWorkX barcode systems COMPLETE your application solution.





Configured to your operation

As with Microsoft Dynamics, ScanWorkX is componentized and configurable. ScanWorkX can be purchased in pieces. The modular design also means that future transactions may be added easily without changing your current configuration. This enables your ScanWorkX system to grow as you expand your use of barcodes throughout your facilities.

Integrated security

swx-padlockScanWorkX recognizes all Microsoft Dynamics AX permissions and security parameters. This assures that only those transactions allowed from/by the ERP are performed through ScanWorkX.

Fully Integrated with Microsoft Dynamics

ScanWorkX is tightly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics AX. Real-time integration is achieved with the ERP system ensuring that all inventory transactions are conducted inside the native Dynamics environment. Warehouse and shipping users can query up-to-the-minute data on inventory status, shipping orders, and more. ScanWorkX tools and transactions, even the mobile interface, is completely controlled via the Microsoft Dynamics AX client. No additional training on a new user interface is required for your administrators.




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