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Let's Talk About Integration

Discussing integrated solutions with our competitors, you will hear a lot of talk about integration.  They will attempt to distinguish their products using statements like "No modifications to Dynamics AX are needed," "no footprint" or even "Microsoft recommends ISVs make no modifications to Dynamics AX."  So let's go through some facts..

- Many of our competitors simply CANNOT integrate with Dynamics AX.  Most mobile data collection solutions are made to work with a variety of ERP packages, and as a result, if the management interface and tools were integrated, they would have to be rewritten in every system.  ScanWorkX was built from the ground up inside Microsoft Dynamics AX.

- INTEGRATION and MODIFICATION are two VERY different terms. ScanWorkX is fully integrated into Microsoft Dynamics AX, which means that the ScanWorkX application and interface reside within AX.  ScanWorkX does not modify Dynamics AX.  Think of Dynamics AX like a car.  You can add a driver to the car, who operates and functions inside it, but the car itself is not changed in any way.  Think about all the extra functionality the driver brings to the car.  And if you ever needed to remove that driver for some reason, ScanWorkX can be completely uninstalled from Dynamics AX with a single command line entry without leaving a trace.

- And for all this talk about Microsoft recommending ISVs not integrate with AX?  Microsoft Dynamics AX was DESIGNED for integration.  X++, the Application Object Tree, AIF, and Visual Studio integration are all built to encourage extension and integration.  What Microsoft discourages is MODIFICATION of AX, which you can read about in the previous paragraph.  ScanWorkX integrates with, but does not modify AX.

Seamless Integration

Developed to dovetail seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics AX, ScanWorkX manages communications between barcode data collection devices and Microsoft Dynamics. ScanWorkX transactions use the same validation logic and processing as the standard Dynamics transactions. For example, shipping transactions are validated and processed through the same APIs regardless of whether the transaction is initiated from a hand-held scanner or from a standard Dynamics AX sales order screen.

ScanWorkX supports a wide range of scanners straight out of the box and without the typical maintenance headaches ordinarily accompanying custom programming solutions. ScanWorkX's "thin-client" design simplifies installation and maintenance. Additional interfaces beyond the Windows Mobile Client are also available. Contact a representative for more details.

ScanWorkX 2012 does not replace, delete, or modify any native Microsoft Dynamics AX objects.  Everything we add to your AX installation is completely standalone.

Scanner configuration changes are simple and straightforward, regardless of the number of scanners in use. ScanWorkX means more than just empowering handheld users to do the same transactions as standard Dynamics AX users. ScanWorkX actually brings new capabilities to your ERP system, including:
  • Item look up and query functions
  • Taking your ERP system to where your employees work-on a forklift, into a cold storage room, at the top of a ladder, or even in the back of a truck.
  • Streamlining transactions like Receiving and Picking for optimal efficiency of warehouse and clerical personnel.
  • Custom data entry and collection transactions


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