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Experience the Benefits of ADC for Microsoft Dynamics AX

More Accurate and Timely Information
The use of bar code plus data validation techniques ensures information is captured quickly and efficiently

Reduced Overhead
ADC can reduce, if not eliminate, clerical overhead costs. Barcode data collection saves you money.

Increased Inventory Accuracy
Real cost savings through improved inventory management equals more inventory turns

Reduce Shipping Errors
Reduced shipping errors means happier customers

Increased Productivity
Benefit from increased material handler productivity through reduced search time, optimized flow, and dispatched tasks

Production Visibility & Labor Time Tracking
Production management, customer service, and even customers can have instant access to shop floor status and can monitor performance, improve costing

Quality Control
Improved customer satisfaction through quality control verification

Reduce cost and get your answers in minutes, not days, to minimize potential problems

Faster Acceptance of Microsoft Dynamics
With ADC, employees adapt to using Dynamics quickly with minimal data input errors


  • swx-purchasingMinimize receiving delays with faster more efficient procedures.
  • Print barcode labels for purchased parts.
  • Perform on-line validation against purchase order lines.


  • swx-warehousingInquire on location of any inventoried part at any site.
  • Maintain accurate inventory visibility by automatically scanning and tracking transfers between locations.
  • Verify proper location put away upon delivery to the warehouse from receiving location.


  • swx-manufacturingLocate, pick and record serialized or lotted parts efficiently.
  • Expedite material delivery to production using manual or automatic pick lists.


  • swx-shippingPrint pick lists and shipping documents with bar coded identification.
  • Optimize your shipping operation.
  • Reserve parts and pick items in one operation.
  • Pick by Customer Order for delivery.
  • Verify in real-time what parts were shipped for any given Customer Order.

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