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Position Description: Pre-Sales Consultant

Position Title: Pre Sales Consultant/ScanWorkX
Company: eNSYNC Solutions, Inc.
Department: Sales
Location: Home Office and Overland Park, Kansas

eNSYNC has developed  ScanWorkX, a bar code scanning software product that integrates with the Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP software solution. The pre-sales consultant will be responsible for demonstrating ScanWorkX to qualified prospects and partners.

  • The pre-sales consultant will have to work with the sales managers for each region assisting and supporting sales efforts.  As part of that team they are an integral part of it's success.
  • Pre-sales consultant must also work closely with the development staff to learn and utilize product features and prepare scripted demonstrations.
  • The pre-sales consultant is required to have broad industry experience in the manufacturing and distribution markets.
  • The pre-sales consultant is required to know or learn MS Dynamics AX at a deep functional level in the inventory, production and distribution areas so
  • that they can be set up for custom/scripted demonstration.
  • A good technical understanding of systems, networks and applications sufficient enough to converses with IT and technical prospects.
  • Requires some supervision, but self motivation and ability to work independently is very important.

Impact on the Organization

  • Direct or Indirect Impact on Sales, Earning, Revenues, and/or Expenses:
  • Pre-Sales has a direct and immediate effect on both sales and revenue and is critical to the successful outcome of any sales opportunity. Expenses are part of any sales related activity but need to be carefully controlled as they can have a significant impact on the bottom line.

Major Responsibilities and Accountabilities

  • Background in Information Systems and/or Computer Science
  • Thorough understanding of manufacturing and distribution systems.
  • Understanding of RF Networks and mobile computing hardware.
  • Ability to be able to understand an RFP and translate the information into a well-designed demonstration.
  • Ability to conduct a discovery session with a prospect and translate into a well-designed demonstration.
  • Exceptional written communication skills.
  • Exceptional verbal communication skills
  • Exceptional Presentation skills including use of Power Point, web meetings, videos and other presentation tools.
  • Willingness to travel to client sites, sometimes on short notice.


  • Bachelor Degree in Information Systems or Computer Science preferred
  • Other technical degrees will be considered based on experience
  • Non-degreed applicants will be considered depending on experience


  • Five years of experience in Manufacturing or Distribution industry
  • Experience with ERP systems and/or other business systems
  • Experience with presenting and demonstrating software products.


  • Excellent communication and customer relations skills as well as the ability to think and react quickly in stressful situations.
  • Ability to work in a team environment when required, as well as the ability to be self-motivated, organized, and driven when unsupervised.
  • Dynamics AX experience a plus

Specialized Knowledge

  • Overall understanding of business and ERP systems
  • Bar Code Data Collection knowledge/experience a plus


  • Ability to adapt to unfamiliar situations
  • Ability to grasp the "big picture" and translate that to a working business system
  • Self motivation and objectivity
  • Willingness to listen to input from others as well as share constructive criticism in a professional manner.

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