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ScanWorkX Productivity Console for Microsoft Dynamics AX


Improving distribution efficiency by boosting worker productivity

A real-time view of workforce activities provides a tool for improving productivity through timely decisions that inhibit non-productive activity and encourage productive activity. ScanWorkX Productivity Console provides a powerful monitoring and analytical tool which delivers actionable information.

Measure barcode transaction productivity through real-time alerts, highly visual, personalized dashboards and report viewing. These capabilities allow you to anticipate and respond quickly to critical business events and make immediate corrections.

"Work Smart" with SPC

The ScanWorkX Productivity Console (SPC) is an exciting enhancement for Microsoft Dynamics AX customers using ScanWorkX bar code data collection. SPC is a transaction productivity monitor utilizing user-definable dashboards with full color graphical display, real-time data, automated alerts, and live video integration. Benefits include greater visibility into manufacturing and distribution operations to help identify and resolve operational inefficiencies. SPC offers real-time visual intelligence with user definable charts, lists, graphs, and gauges to monitor and record any combination of transactions.

Typical transaction statistics include views on shipping, receiving, and production (picking by user, picking by hour by user, picking by part number, shop orders received by, RMA processed per hour, etc.).

Worker productivity can be monitored and improved as SPC delivers accurate actionable information on the metrics that really matter for your business.


Parameterized reports can be customized on-the-fly to show the data you need

Gauges are able to estimate if timed goals will be reached at the current production rate

Integrated video feeds are selected by clicking cameras overlaid on a map of your location

  • Numerous report formats are available, including graphs, bars charts, line drawings, pie charts, gauges and more.
  • Data drilldown allows users to see the actual numbers and underlying data for any chart.
  • Real-time ticker instantly displays transactions as they occur.
  • Performance alerts keep a close eye on your organization, automatically sending email and text message alerts.
  • Gauges offer predictive logic, enabling them to estimate if performance goals will be reached by their deadlines.
  • Live video integration gives you an unprecedented look directly into your organization's day-to-day operations.

Flexible Web-based Architecture
  • SPC is fully integrated with Dynamics AX Enterprise Portal.
  • The console draws upon live ScanWorkX transaction data.
  • Access SPC from the Dynamics AX Client or Internet Explorer.
  • Organization-wide and personal dashboard layouts ensure everyone sees the data they need.
  • Custom reports are available to meet your needs.

Automated performance alerts can be set to display only in the console or be sent by email and/or text message

Tooltips provide additional detailed information about key data points within your reports

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