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ScanWorkX Requirements

The following requirements information should adequately support up to 200 simultaneous ScanWorkX users.  For larger or distributed load implementations, consult with your ScanWorkX analyst for additional instructions and requirements.

** First, a rule of thumb to answer the question, “Will my infrastructure support ScanWorkx?”

If your network and equipment effectively support Microsoft Dynamics AX and SQL Server, they likely already meet all the requirements to run ScanWorkX. ScanWorkX installs and runs successfully on the infrastructure version(s) required by Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations (browser, database, operating system, and other required software).

ScanWorkX barcode systems draw all permissions and user information from Dynamics AX. Handheld units can, but do not need to be on Active Directory.  In Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations implementations, an Azure Active App Registration must be created and authorized for ScanWorkX, and an Azure Active Directory account provided for ScanWorkX to use when connecting to Dynamics.


Server Hardware and Infrastructure
Minimum hardware required to install and run ScanWorkX Service.  In PROD instances, it is highly recommended you install ScanWorkX on its own server.  In DEV/TEST instances, collocation with the AOS may be possible.  For the fastest response times, ScanWorkX should be hosted in the same network segment as your AOS (or with D365, in the same Azure region and datacenter as your PROD AX instance). If you need to connect directly from a cloud-based ScanWorkX server, such as when your enterprise labeling software is collocated on the scanning server, you will need to establish a VPN tunnel or other persistent network link between your cloud and on-premise computers.




Intel Pentium/Celeron family or compatible Pentium III Xeon or higher processor minimum; 2 GHz, multiple cores are strongly recommended.


*4GB RAM (recommended); 512 MB RAM minimum  (*Memory available, after the operating system and any other software running take their toll..)


Super VGA (1024x768) or higher resolution monitor

Free Disk Space


Virtualization ScanWorkX will run on any server configuration, cloud, virtualized, or standalone.

Choosing appropriate hardware for your ScanWorkX installation depends on many factors, including the number of transactions per hour and number of concurrent users. In production environments, we highly recommend ScanWorkX, database(s), reporting/analysis services, and Microsoft Dynamics AX each reside on separate servers.


Software components required to install and run ScanWorkX:



ERP System Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, or Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations in a standalone, clustered, or load balanced configuration

Operating System

Windows Server 2016, Windows 2012 Server 64 bit, 2008 R1 or R2 Server, 2003 Server, 2000 Server, or Windows XP (all with latest service packs installed)


ScanWorkX utilizes Microsoft Dynamics for all data storage and transactions. Our software has no additional database requirements.


ScanWorkX supports all the most common enterprise labeling platforms, including: DSI EPP, Loftware, BarTender, TekLynx (LabelSoft/CodeSoft), and NiceLabel.  An enterprise labeling solutions must by installed and configured if label printing will be part of the ScanWorkX solution

Business Connector

The Microsoft .NET Business Connector must be installed for Dynamics AX 2009 implementations. ScanWorkX interfaces directly with Dynamics AX 2012 and newer.


For implementations utilizing the ScanWorkX HTML5 Client, most modern web browsers (IE9+) are supported, including smart devices, tablets, and ruggedized handhelds.

.NET Framework

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0

License Requirements

The following licenses must be in place before your ScanWorkX for Dynamics AX installation:



AX Users All users administering ScanWorkX via the ScanWorkX Management Console inside the Dynamics AX Client must have valid AX User Licenses.

Business Connector Users

Dynamics AX 2009 Only: License requirements vary, based upon your company's contract with Microsoft. Your Dynamics AX Partner will assist you with ensuring you have adequate licenses available to support ScanWorkX users connecting to Dynamics AX via the Business Connector. For implementations including ScanWorkX Productivity Console, the SPC requires one additional Business Connector license. Most implementations require a Limited Device CAL for the ScanWorkX Server and one Light User license for each ScanWorkX Client device.

Device CALs, Mobile Users, Functional CALs

Dynamics AX 2012+: There are multiple licensing models for Dynamics AX 2012 and Dynamics 365 for Operations. Depending upon when you purchased Dynamics AX, your requirements will vary. Your partner of record and the ScanWorkX sales team will assist you with purchasing the licenses you need. What you do need to know is this: regardless of what mobile solution you purchase, (our product or a competitor's) your licensing requirements will be identical. Microsoft does not extend special deals for particular ISVs, and there are no special considerations for different brands of barcode solutions.  Microsoft also explicitly disallows pooling multiple mobile users under a single account, which is a workaround some mobile vendors advertise as a way to save money by not having to purchase licenses for your mobile users--doing so would be a violation of your Microsoft licensing agreement.


Requirements for Handheld Devices

Handhelds require the following minimum hardware and software in order to run the Windows Mobile or CE ScanWorkX Client.  The HTML5 ScanWorkX client will run on nearly any computer or device equipped with a modern (supports HTML5) web browser.




Intel® XScale PXA270 / 520 MHz or greater or ARM processor (or other compatible processor that will run the appropriate version of Windows Mobile, iOS, or Android)


128 MB RAM +


QVGA (240 x 320 pixel) 64K colors +

Operating System

Windows Mobile 5+, Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5+, or Windows CE 4.2+, Android, iOS
* Some manufacturers are selling devices with a choice of Windows Embedded Handheld, Windows Embedded Compact, and/or Android OS.  Windows Embedded Compact is not supported. We recommend Windows Embedded Handheld and Windows Mobile on ruggedized handhelds for the best user experience.  Android devices will also work, but have additional browser requirements (see below).

ScanWorkX also has Android, iOS, and Windows Phone clients available, as well as an HTML5 Client for any device with a modern web browser.


Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 3.5 for Windows Mobile or Compact Framework 2.0 for CE

Browser On Windows Mobile and Windows Embedded Handheld devices, you should use the native clients for those devices for the best user experience.  An HTML5 Client is available for all other devices, provided they have a "modern" browser.  A general rule is any IE10+ or equivalent browser will work.  Chrome is generally self-updating and works nicely.  Firefox is not officially supported due to limited hotkey support.  Expect any device running Windows CE or Windows Embedded Compact NOT to have a modern browser.  Native iOS, Android, and Windows Phone clients are also available, but have a browser-based backend, so they still must have a compatible browser.


Full alpha-numeric keypad with function keys (recommended)


Barcode imager (recommended)

Network requirements

The following table lists the minimum network requirements for Microsoft Dynamics AX and ScanWorkX.


ScanWorkX Server to Dynamics AX

Mobile Clients to ScanWorkX Server


100 megabits per second +

11Mb, 802.11B (recommended) +


Suggested 5 milliseconds or less

Your network response time will determine transaction performance.  ScanWorkX will function properly on networks of any speed, but the faster your network is, the better your user experience will be.

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