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The ScanWorkX Knowledge Base is a compilation of Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQ) of our support team. These questions should assist you in troubleshooting typical setup and configurations problems you may encounter when using ScanWorkX.

If you do not find the answer to your problem, feel free to contact technical support. You may also access the restricted ScanWorkX Support Portal, if you are a current customer, with an active maintenance agreement.

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ScanWorkX Mobile Software

When starting ScanWorkX, I get the message "Connection with the server could not be established"

When starting ScanWorkX, I get the message "Connection with the Application Objecct Server could not be established"

Labels do not print when completing a transaction

Transaction screens are hard to read because the colors are not right or contrast/brightness issues

I can't find the ScanWorkX shortcut in the Windows Mobile Start menu

ScanWorkX does not seem to be on the Windows Mobile Device

When selecting a transaction, I get the message "Not a licensed transaction"

When loggin in, I get the message "Maximum Number of licensed users exceeded"


ScanWorkX Service (Server Software)

How to configure and setup the ScanWorkX Service


ScanWorkX Setup in Microsoft Dynamics AX

Certain setup options will not run when selected

When starting the Transaction Field Editor, one or more licensed transaction do not show up

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