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When starting ScanWorkX, I get the message "Connection with the Application Object Server could not be established"

Generally, one of two setup issues will cause the ScanWorkX hand held to not be able to connect to the Application Object Server.


1. Ensure that the Microsoft Dynamics AX Application Object Server (AOS) is running and configured properly. The AOS must be running in order for the Microsoft Dynamics AX Client to run on a user's desktop, so this may be used as a troubleshooting tool as well.



2. Each hand held device must be configured to point to one Application Object Server. This allows multiple AOS services to run for load balancing, testing, etc. Ensure that the hand held device is configured to point to the correct AOS. This is done by running the ScanWorkX Settings program on the hand held device and making sure the "Service" field is pointing to the correct AOS, as well as the correct port number.


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