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Transaction screens are hard to read because the colors are not right or contrast/brightness issues

If the screen is hard to read, it is either a hardware issue with how the hand held device is setup, or the color settings need to be changed to have better contrast.

First, check to make sure that the contrast and brightness level are set correctly on the hand held device. Adjust these settings until the optimal viewing is achieved for the environment. These setting will be different for every manufacturer and device. Please refer to the hardware user guide for more information.

If the transaction screens are hard to read because the colors are set to non-constrasting colors, change the Background Color and Menu Foreground Colors under "Device Customization" in the ScanWorkX setup program (from within Microsoft Dynamics AX).

For example, the Background Color is set to a dark blue, making the text very hard to read in the transaction screens.

Colors Before

Change the Background Color to a lighter blue...

Color Chooser

...which makes the text on the transaction screen much easier to read.

Colors After

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