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Labels do not print when completing a transaction

Printing from ScanWorkX is a combination of setting up both ScanWorkX and the printing software being used to print bar code labels. ScanWorkX supports both Loftware and BarTender to print labels.

Setup Labels and Printing in the ScanWorkX setup program

In the ScanWorkX setup program from with Microsoft Dynamics AX, run the "Labels and Printing" option. Make sure that the warehouse has a "Label Directory" defined. This is where ScanWorkX drops label files for either Loftware or BarTender to pick up and process the labels. In addition, make sure labels and printers are defined that match the names as defined in Loftware or BarTender.

Labels and Printers


Setup User Menus to Print

Next, make sure that the user's menu is setup to print to a valid printer. Each transaction within a menu can be setup to print to a different printer. For instance, a PO Arrival transaction could be setup to print to the receiving dock, while a Picking transaction prints to the shipping dock.



Check Label Files Directory

Another troubleshooting step to help resolve printing issues is to make sure that the label files are being dropped into the labels directory defined above. Examine the files being dropped and make sure the label name, printer number, and data fields are correct. If all of the information is correct, there is most likely a setup issue with Loftware or BarTender. Make sure that the proper label printing services are configured and running.

Check that label files are being dropped into the Label Directory. The file will either have the extension .pas (Loftware) or .dd (BarTender).


Also check the contents of the file to make sure the correct information is being passed to the label printing software.



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