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How to configure and setup the ScanWorkX Service

The ScanWorkX Service requires that the service be installed, the configuration file be available, and the service setup to login using a Windows account. The ScanWorkX installation should set all of this up automatically during the initial installation. However, if the setup and configuration need to change, these article will show you how it all fits together.

The ScanWorkX Service will log on when the service is started using the account specified in the Properties of the ScanWorkX service. This logon can either be the Local System Account, or an account specified by the sytem administrator. The account would typically be a domain account with privileges to the needed operating system components (writing to the file drop directory, access to the Microsoft Dynamics AX Business Connector, etc.).



ScanWorkX also relies on a configuration file that is stored in the same location as the ScanWorkX Service executable file. The default location for this file is "C:\Program Files\eNSYNC Solutions\ScanWorkX." The file is called "ScanWorkXService.exe.Config." This file holds information that is specific to the environment in which ScanWorkX is installed. Therefore, most of the settings in this file are not editable in the user interface, as changes to the file can stop the ScanWorkX system from working properly.

The typical ScanWorkXService.exe.Config XML file will look something like this...



The ScanWorkXService.exe.Config file configures the following options:

  • Port: The port that the hand held devices will use to communicate with the ScanWorkX service. Default value is 20001.
  • Debug Port: The port that the debug console uses to connect to ScanWorkX. Default Value is 23.
  • Label Type: The valid values are "loftware" or "bartender." This should match the label printing software being used.
  • Timeout: This setting determies how long a client can stay innactive before ScanWorkX assumes the connection is orphaned, drops the connection, and frees up the user license.
  • Logon Domain: The Domain that the users will login through ScanWorkX, to the Microsoft Dynamics AX Business Connector if Active Directory is being used.
  • LogonMethod: Either "ActiveDirectory" or "NotActiveDirectory."
  • BCAliasNetworkAlias: The .NET Business Connector Proxy User used to log into Microsoft Dynamics AX. This setting is configured under "User Accounts," "Business Connector Proxy" tab of the ScanWorkX setup program.
  • BCAliasNetworkPassword: The password to the .NET Business Connector Proxy User, stored in an encrypted format. This setting is configured under "User Accounts," "Business Connector Proxy" tab of the ScanWorkX setup program.



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